Hello I’m PAXIE!
by SAFE Family Wearables.

I’ve been built with the latest wearable and app technology!
I have a rugged construction, fashionably fun designs and an intuitive mobile application.
Give me a try and I’ll give you peace of mind knowing your kids are safe and just a click away.

Learn more about me by watching the full videos here!

I’m Completely Customizable, and Already Have Fun
& Fashionable
Designs to Choose From!

PAXIE features a complete line of interchangable designs.
Each as unique as your child’s personality.

I’ve Also Been Well Equipped with The Latest
Wearable & App Technologies!

Remotely Track, Tag, Measure and More.
PAXIE is always by your Child’s side.

Accurate GPS Location

Equipped with the latest GPS technology, PAXIE will pinpoint your child’s location in real time.

Ambient Temperature

Keeping you actively aware of your child’s environmental temperature, PAXIE allows you to take action when temperature readings are too high or low.

Location Tagging

Quickly and Securely GeoTag your child’s location and be alerted if they leave a tagged area.

Boundary Settings

Set a boundary radius around you, so you can be alerted if your child leaves a specific set distance.

Daily Activity

Equipped with a pedometer, PAXIE will automatically monitor your child’s activity giving you the ability to accurately manage your their activity and fitness goals.

Heart Rate

Monitor you child’s heart rate remotely and set alerts for when they are above or below their target heart rate.

Band Removal Alert

Equipped with an extra safety feature. The PAXIE band will automatically alert you if your child’s band is removed.

Extended Battery Life

With up to 36 hours needed between charges. Your child will be able to continually wear PAXIE 24 hours a day, multiple days at a time.



“The Paxie kids wearable does so much
it’s hard to keep count.”

“As well as the location features, the band also monitors ambient temperature
to help prevent heat stroke and there are heart-rate and activity tracking sensors
built in as well, making it easy to keep track of how active a child has been.”

“The SAFE Kids Paxie Band is definitely on my radar and I am
sure other parents will want to learn more soon too!”
Carly Z.,