7 Tips for Staying SAFE in Summer Crowds

Summertime is a perfect time for gatherings of all kinds, be it the beach, a theme park, county fair, or some other wildly fun event. As we all know, losing a kid in a crowd is every parent’s nightmare. Perhaps the hardest part of mixing with throngs of people is finding a middle ground between keeping your kids safe and allowing them to explore and enjoy the experience to its fullest. With this balancing act in mind, SAFE Family Wearables has gathered 7 crowd-safety tips to keep in mind when adventuring this summer. Have fun and stay SAFE!

1) Take a digital picture of each of your kids. If one of them ever got lost, you can show the event authorities a current photo of your child in that day’s clothes.

2) Write your cell phone number on your children’s arms with a Sharpie. It will not wash off for several days. Don’t worry — it will fade eventually! Not only will your kids have the number handy in case they get lost, but a child predator is unlikely to snatch a child so obviously marked.

3) Out of town? Take a few of your hotel’s business cards from the front desk and tuck them into your kids’ pockets. If one of them ever got lost, he’d be able to tell someone the name of the hotel and leave you a message there.

4) Shortly after you enter a theme park, county fair, beach area or other crowded location, get oriented by identifying landmarks together. Agree on a designated meeting place in case you get separated. Have her repeat it aloud so it sticks.

5) Play the “What Am I Wearing?” game before you head to an amusement park, fairground, or any crowded place. Tell your kids to take a good look at you, then close their eyes and tell you what you’re wearing. If you ever get separated, it might help them locate you in a crowd and describe you to a park employee or other helpful adult.

6) Fit each of your children with a Paxie Band. With Paxie’s boundary setting, you will be alerted when any of the kids get too far away from you, since you can monitor multiple bands within one app. Paxie’s location services will tell you exactly where they are at a moment’s notice and the heart rate monitor can alert you to any panic situations should any of the kiddos get separated and scared. Furthermore, if predators are a worry, Paxie will alert you if the band is removed, so you have an extra layer of security. With Paxie, you really do get ‘peace of mind.’

7) Use first names when calling out for a parent rather than “mom” or “dad”. When kids are lost, their first instinct in those first stressful moments of realization may be to call out for you. By using first names instead of ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, it’s much easier to react to your child in a crowd.

Preparation is key. Stay informed and you can focus on what’s of lasting importance: letting your children have the times of their lives and having fun with your family. SAFE Family Wearables wishes you and your family a summer filled with fun, adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

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For more information on the Paxie Band, visit www.Paxie.com.

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